Meet the team


Dawda Jatta MBE (MSc Environmental technology graduate)

Founder of BAMEEN CIC began planning this  project after realising from his various voluntary works in Hull that most people on low-income especially BME communities are less or totally disengage in environmental activities in the protection and development of their communities . As  MSc graduate from University of Hull, with passion in community development, he thought he should engage these communities and groups  get involved in environmental activities that would also help them do and develop their skills and qualifications through scheduled environmental programmes. He believes that this opportunity will be a great chance to learn from each other to make the city an example when it comes to community environmental activities.

Dawda feel the nature of his degrees and his community work experiences has prepared him  for such an exciting challenge. He  a very effective team player who is full of ideas and always willing to help a team reach its goals but yet also a very enthusiastic and optimistic team leader. His aim is to help especially the less privileged understand and take part in their community development so they can leave a legacy for their children.


Secretary and Treasurer

Mengezi Luke Sayi (Mechanical Engineering graduate)

A man by the name Dennis J. Hall once said” … We have not inherited the land from our fathers, we have borrowed it from our children …”

In the same way Mengezi believes that we all have a duty to take care of the environment we live in, not just for this generation, but for generations to come. As Dennis J. Hall pointed out that we have an obligation to future generations to make sure we do not destroy the world but rather, we should strive to support it carefully in the interest of our descendants as well as our very own.

For a very long time Mengezi has been looking for a project that will help him give back to the environment. He then met Dawda in 2010 while at The University of Hull. When Dawda first brought this idea forward, Mengezi could see an opportunity to give back to the community and the environment as he has always wished;  he quickly agreed to work in partnership with Dawda in forming BAMEEN. Mengezi is also someone who believes in bring communities together. He believes that there is no greater cause to do so than that of the environment. The main reason being that environmental problems affect everyone; therefore everyone has to be geared up to take responsibility.